Bread and Fire

Peeta's version of The Hunger Games

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Part 1 - The Reaping: Chapter 7


          I wish I could force myself to have dreamless sleep; or at least pleasant dreams instead of nightmares.  I, instead, dreamed of the upcoming Hunger Games.  Visions of faces I saw broadcast on Reaping Day twisted in pain and agony as life left their eyes.  I saw Katniss standing over me, bow in hand, looking indifferent as the world went black around me.


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Anonymous asked: That anon was rude. They could have just politely asked you to make a 'read more' on your Peeta perspective chapters so it doesn't take up so much space on the dash. I agree with that anon, but only that far. He/She was rude. Don't worry, I still love you. BTW- I'm loving the chapters. More please?!! ♥

More is coming.  AND I will figure out how to do the read more… lemme check it out now. Thanks!

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Is this a good thing or a bad thing?  I don’t know.

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Part 1 - The Reaping: Chapter 6

We are escorted to our quarters.  The Training Center has a tower designed to house the tributes every year.  The entire support teams for the tributes stay with them.  Each floor of the tower is designated for a district.  Once you step on the elevator, press the button for your district and you are whisked up to the appropriate floor.

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Chapter 5 is updated.  Reads much better now.  Fixed the spelling mistakes, and made some sections less clunky to read.